How do I use the conditioning in the Volt app?

What is Conditioning?

Most sports have a corresponding 12-week off-season conditioning program, accessible in the Conditioning tab of every workout. This program contains 12 weeks (3 workouts/week) of sport-specific conditioning training designed to prepare your cardiovascular system for the demands of your sport season. Your conditioning program may contain Aerobic Base, Anaerobic Capacity, Anaerobic Power, and/or Alactic Power, depending on the metabolic requirements of your sport.

How Should I Use Conditioning?

Conditioning workouts are designed to be performed either after your strength training session or on non-training days. If you decide to perform a strength training session and conditioning on the same day, we recommend waiting 2+ hours between your strength workout and your conditioning workout for best results. Conditioning workouts typically involve repetitive lower-body motion (typically some form of running) and performing an intense conditioning workout before a strength training session could hinder the effectiveness of your strength training.

What if My Sport Doesn't Have a Conditioning Plan?

Sports that are conditioning-based in nature (swimming, running sports, triathlon, cycling, etc.) do not require a corresponding conditioning plan. Athletes in these sports get all the conditioning needed during sports practice. Any additional conditioning work would not improve sports performance, and may even work against the positive training adaptations created in the weight room.

If you are using a sports based program and would like access to a conditioning plan, please contact for further assistance.


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