Am I able to complete training offline?

Note: This feature is available in the Volt Training App 

Offline Mode

Whether your basement weight room has spotty Wifi or you're traveling to locations without internet access, Volt's new Offline Mode feature can help you stay on track with your training program no matter where you are.

Using the offline mode feature in the Volt Training App, athletes can download workouts to complete offline. This allows them to continue using Volt if they are going to be training in a location that does not have internet connection. For military service-members, this feature can be used during deployment scenarios when Wifi access is uncertain.

Athletes can download up to 4 weeks of workouts at a time, and can continue to use Smart Sets and Movement Replacements while offline. They can also continue to complete the pre-workout Readiness Check-in before each downloaded workout. Any workouts completed offline will be automatically saved and synced when athletes are back online.


How to Download Workouts for Offline Use

While you are online, log in to the Volt Training App. On a workout you wish to download, swipe left on the Start Workout button to reveal a Download button. 



Tap the Download button. When a workout has been successfully download, you will see a success checkmark appear. Workout days that have been download will also have a gray download arrow icon on their tab.



Why are my downloaded workouts disappearing?

If you have lost any of your downloaded workouts, this is due to your program being updated while you are offline OR if you have updated your app to a newer version. Once you are back on a stable network and your app has been updated, you can re-download your workouts to be used offline.


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