How do I edit loading and volume (sets, reps, and rest) in my program?

Editing Sets, Reps, and Rest

Not only is the Volt Coach Platform a powerful tool for creating long-term, periodized training programs, it also gives you full flexibility to customize each and every workout down to the set level.

How to Edit Sets

To edit a movement's loading, volume, and rest, go to the program and click Edit to open the Training Editor. Hover over the movement you wish to edit, then click the edit button. 

On the Edit Movement slideover, you can add or delete sets, change the loading percentage (represented as percentage of the user's estimated one-rep max, or e1RM) or time volume, edit the reps (including adding a rep range, like 8-12 reps), and specify the amount of rest you want your athletes to follow after each set. Simply click into any field and start typing to edit. To undo your changes, click Revert to Original.

After you Apply Changes, your athletes will see your edits reflected in their program. 

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