The purpose of this help article is to introduce Volt’s circuit workout programs and provide details on how to help your athletes navigate this new, hands-free workout experience. In this article, we will discuss what circuit workouts are, how your athletes can access them, and how your athletes can navigate the experience.

What is a circuit workout:

A circuit workout is a circuit-based training experience that requires little to no interaction with your phone while in a workout. Your athletes can simply start their workout, and the Volt app will automatically guide them through the rest, letting them know what movement to complete, how long to rest, when to switch sides, and what is coming up next, all with audible guidance. Circuit workouts are currently available on all of our At-Home Workouts programs, and you also have the option to add your own circuit workouts to any program through the Training Editor.

How to access circuit workouts:

To assign your athletes to a circuit workout program, you will need to add a new program from the At-Home program options.

Selecting a circuit workout program:

  1. Click on the Programs index page

  2. Click on Create Program

  3. Name your new program

  4. Select the Group you want to assign the program to 

  5. Under the "Base Program" menu select General Fitness

  6. Under "Training Focus" select At-Home Workouts

  7. Under "Program" select the specific circuit-based program you want

  8. Set your "Program Dates" - Note: Circuit programs only have a "training start" date. 
  9. Click on Create Program

  10. Click the Roster tab to add your Users.

Navigating circuit workouts:

From the Volt app, your athletes can follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Start Workout

  2. Complete the readiness questionnaire and a warm-up if you wish

  3. After the warm-up is marked completed, Tap Start on the first prescribed movement and
    let Volt automatically guide you through the work

  4. Tap Finish when you have reached the end of your workout


Audio Cues:

During a circuit workout, your athletes will be given audio cues to help guide them through the workout. The cues will be in the form of audible chimes and voice-guided notifications of the movement they are on and what is coming up. If your athletes would like to disable audio cues or they are not receiving audio cues, they can follow the steps below to manage audio cues on their Volt app.

From the Volt App:

  1. Navigate to the menu icon in the upper left

  2. Tap on Settings

  3. Tap on Audio

  4. Tap on the toggle to disable and enable audio cues

Pause or Skip:

While in a workout your athletes can pause or skip movements if needed. When resuming a workout, it will pick up where it left off. Your athletes will have a 5-second countdown as they prepare to get back into their groove.



Once your athletes start a workout, Volt will automatically progress them forward until the end of the workout. However, if they need to cut their workout short for any reason, they can tap Finish in the upper right anytime. Their workout summary will reflect what was completed prior to taping Finished.

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