How do I read dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell loads?

Dumbbell and Barbell Load Prescription

As you move through your Volt training program you will likely see a few movements come up prescribing dumbbells and barbells with a specific load.

Loading for Dumbbells:

The load displayed should be read as the load for one dumbbell

  • Example: Dumbbell Chest Press - load prescribed at 20 pounds. 
    • When preparing for this movement you should grab two 20 pound dumbbells from the rack (20 pounds in each hand).

Loading for Barbells:

The load prescribed is the total load you will lift, including the barbell weight itself.

  • Example: Barbell Back Squat - load prescribed at 145 pounds
    • When preparing for this movement check the weight of your barbell and add the appropriate amount of weight plates for a total load (plates + bar) of 145 pounds.

Loading for Kettlebells:

The load prescribed is for one kettlebell

  • Example: KB swings - load prescribed 25 pounds
    • When preparing for this movement you should grab one 25 pound kettlebell.
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