Why do I only see 2 days of training?

2 Days Of Training Per Week

If your program suddenly changed from 3 or 4 workouts per week to just 2, fear not! Your program has simply transitioned to a new phase of training.

Your year-long, personalized training program is divided into 3 phases, each with its own specific training goals. You’ve been training in a Preparatory phase (to prepare for your sport or event) and are now entering your Competitive phase!

The Competitive phase is your sport or event’s in-season phase and contains only 2 workouts per week. Why? Volt’s performance training AI adjusts your program during the season to accommodate a higher volume of practices and games, reducing the overall intensity and volume of your training sessions. This allows you to perform at your best without overtraining.

IMPORTANT: do not stop training just because you’ve entered your Competitive phase! Even though there are only 2 workouts per week during the season, continuing to train is crucial for your continued performance. Training in-season allows you to maintain the strength and power you built during your Preparatory phase and is important for mitigating injuries when it matters most.

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Note: If you are not in-season, or need to be training more than 2 days per week at this time, go to the side menu, click on Settings, then Edit Training Calendar, and change your Season Start Date to be appropriate for the date when you want the Competitive phase to start.

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