What should I do on my off days?

Off Days

Rest is a vital part of your athletic development. Your body needs time between training sessions to repair itself before the next workout and fully realize training adaptations from the previous workout (e.g., muscle fibers growing stronger). You cannot continue to see performance gains if you skip your rest days—and you might even risk overtraining.

That being said, sometimes “active rest” can be a great recovery tool for your off days between training sessions, especially if you are feeling stiff or sore from your last workout. Active rest is any low-intensity activity that gets your heart pumping and blood circulating without overtaxing the body. A gentle yoga session, easy walk, short jog, or a stretching and foam rolling session are all great options for helping you stay active on your off days—without overstressing your body.

You can also look to Volt’s Training Extras for rest day activities. We recommend our mobility and stretching finishers or pairing one with a primer for a longer low-intensity routine. Try pairing the Shoulder Health Primer + Lower-Body Mobility Finisher, or Knee Health Primer + Upper-Body Mobility Finisher, for an easy, full-body active rest session. Click here for a great article on How to Use Volt's Training Extras

Just be sure to listen to your body—when it needs to rest, it needs to REST.

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