How do I search for specific exercises?


In this article we will go over how to navigate our exercise library. Whether you're an experienced gym enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, finding your way around our extensive collection of movements can sometimes be daunting. Also, our movements might not have the same name as you would refer to them. For this instance, we've put together this guide to help you easily locate the exercises you're interested in.

Get Familiar with Abbreviations:

BB: Barbell
DB: Dumbbell
KB: Kettlebell
SB: Stability Ball
MB: Medicine Ball
RFE: Rear-Foot Elevated
FFE: Front-Foot Elevated
GHD: Glute Ham Developer
BW: Bodyweight
SSB: Safety Squat Bar

Consider Starting Position or Posture:

Take note of whether the exercise starts in a prone, supine, side-lying, seated, standing, incline, decline, hanging, one-leg, one-arm, or 90/90 position.

Note Equipment Used:

Consider the equipment used, such as band, cable, plate, smith machine, machine, trap bar, EZ bar, or box.

Use Generic Equipment Names:

Instead of specific brand names, use generic terms. For example, search for "suspension" instead of "TRX".

Identify Major Muscle Groups or Body Parts:

Look for exercises targeting specific muscle groups or body parts like biceps curl, triceps extension, glute bridge, calf stretch, t-spine rotation, or belly breathing.

Recognize Movement Patterns:

Consider the type of movement involved, such as squat, lunge, press, row, rotation, or another pattern.

Putting It All Together:

To efficiently find the exercise you're looking for, combine these tips. For instance, if you want a dumbbell exercise targeting shoulders with a pressing motion, search for "DB shoulder press". If you prefer bodyweight exercises for the core in a supine position, search for "BW supine core exercises".


With these tips, navigating our exercise library will make it much more simple. Whether you want to build strength, increase flexibility, or enhance overall fitness, we have a wide range of exercises to meet your goals. So dive in, explore, and enjoy your journey toward a healthier, fitter you!




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