What are the two calendar types in Volt?


In this article, you’ll learn about the two different types of training calendar that can be used with your programs in Volt. We’ll also cover the change from our old model of program “types” and how we’ve simplified how programs work.

No more "Group" and "Individual" Program Types

In Volt’s old model, there were two program “types” — Group and Individual. Group programs could be assigned to more than one athlete, and operated on an auto-advance calendar. Individual programs could only be assigned to a single athlete, and operated on a self-paced calendar.

In our new model, we’ve simplified how programs work. Now, a program can be assigned to one or more athletes, and can operate on either type of training calendar.

1. Auto-Advance Calendar

An auto-advance calendar is Volt’s classic scheduled program calendar. Auto-advance programs start on a specific date, then move athletes forward every week automatically, to keep them tracking toward the same training goal. If you’re training athletes to peak for a season or event, an auto-advance program will help keep them on track.

Auto-advance programs roll over to a new training week every Sunday, regardless of whether athletes have completed all training sessions in the previous week.

2. Self-Paced Calendar

A self-paced calendar is a flexible “playlist” of workouts. Self-paced programs don’t start on a specific date, and move athletes forward in the program as they complete training sessions. If you need to give your athletes or clients more flexibility in when they complete their training sessions, a self-paced calendar will allow them to move at their own pace.

Self-paced programs roll over to a new training week only when the athlete has completed all sessions from the previous week — or when they choose to skip ahead in their program.

Can I Switch Calendar Types?

If there are no users assigned to your program, you can switch from a self-paced calendar to an auto-advance calendar, or vice versa. To change your calendar type, go to your program > click the ellipsis […] menu > click “Edit details” > select your desired calendar type > click “Save.”

You can’t switch calendar types on programs where athletes are already assigned and training. However, you can duplicate the program > switch to your desired calendar type > and assign athletes to it as you like. To duplicate the program, go to the program > > click the ellipsis […] menu > click “Duplicate program” > select your desired calendar type > click “Save.” Then, assign athletes to your program on the Roster tab.



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