How does decimal loading work?

Enhanced Loading Precision with Decimals

In Volt, coaches can utilize half-weight increments for loading, providing a significant benefit for Metric users who frequently work with decimals in loading scenarios. This feature enables Cortex to recommend practical loading increments that align precisely with the available weight, ensuring more accurate weight recording. This means coaches can input decimals into loading values while viewing an athlete’s workout in View As mode.

movement row.png

This especially benefits Metric unit users, eliminating the need for rounding when inputting loading data. Coaches and athletes can precisely input exact loading figures, and Cortex® seamlessly recommends and recognizes loading in decimal form. Whether you work with imperial or metric units, Cortex® adapts intelligently to suit your needs. This enhancement allows for a more precise and tailored approach to weight input, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your training programs within Volt. 

For athletes loading history, they will now see loading rounded to the nearest .1 pound or .1 kilogram depending on units used.

Here is how the athlete can input their loading within the app:

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