How do I create a Custom Movement?

What are Custom Movements?

In this article, you will learn how to create custom movements! Custom movements are an exciting feature available to Admin users, giving them the opportunity to create unique exercises within the Volt platform. These custom movements are accessible to all coaches, providing them with additional options for programming. Along with the extensive library of existing movements in Volt, you also have the ability to incorporate your personalized exercises for your athletes.

Important Note: Please be aware that this feature is currently in Beta version. Initially, it supports set mode activities, but stay tuned for upcoming feature releases where we aim to expand its functionalities significantly!

Navigating the Movements Page

When you're on the Movements page, you'll notice the filtering options available for all movements in Volt. You can use the "All Movements" filter to display every movement created by Volt or an Admin in your organization. Additionally, the "Custom Movements" filter specifically shows movements created by Admins.

Each movement is displayed with its name, creator, category, subcategory, and its status (published or not). When searching through the movement library, you can further filter by category, subcategory, and creator for easier navigation.

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How do I create a Custom Movement?

To create a Custom Movement:

  1. Go to the Movements tab
  2. Select "Create Movement"
  3. Give the movement a Name and select the category the movement belongs to
  4. Add Instructions for the movement (these are formatted in numbered lists)
  5. Add Coaching Cues for the movement (these are formatted in a bulleted list)
  6. Upload a video for your movement (MP4 only, maximum file size is 20MB)
    1. You can also add an image placeholder for the movement (max file size is 5MB)
  7. Select a Loading Type (Weight, Bodyweight, and Bodyweight+)
  8. Select a Volume Type (Distance, Reps, Time)
  9. You can also indicate if a movement needs to be completed on 2 sides
  10. Enable Smart Sets for the movement if desired
  11. Select  "Publish Movement" and "Save"

When a movement is Published, the movement can be viewed and used by coaches on the organization. When a movement is Archived, the movement is hidden and can not be used on any new programs by coaches, BUT it will still appear in older programs or previously completed activities


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*Note: Creating Custom Movements are only accessible to our Advanced or Premium packages. Please contact  if you are interested in gaining access to this feature.

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