How do I create a Program Template?

What are Program Templates?

In this article, you will learn what program templates are and how to create and use them! Program templates serve as a tool for coaches to create and store specific training blocks for future use. They enable coaches to save entire existing programs or specific program weeks for integration into current or future Volt training programs. Moreover, coaches can keep successful or favored programs by saving them as templates. After creating a program template, it becomes accessible via the Templates library. 


How do I create a Program Template?

To create a Program Template:

  1. Select the Templates tab
  2. Select "Create Template"
  3. On the slideover menu, choose a template Name, Length, and add a Description if desired
  4. Select "Create Template"

After creating a template, you have the option to Edit, Duplicate, or to Delete a template by selecting the ellipsis menu on the far right of the screen. 

After making a program template, simply clicking on its name will lead you to a new program page that begins with an off week. This serves as the starting point for your reusable template. To personalize it, just hit the "Edit" button, which opens our training editor. There, you can customize your template exactly as you desire!

Template Video to GIF.gif


How do I add a Template to a Training Program?

You may want to add a program template to a training program you have already created. To do this:

  1. Go to the Programs Tab 
  2. Select the Program you want to add it to
  3. Select the week of the program you want the Template to be inserted directly after
  4. Select the 3 dot ellipsis menu next to the "Edit" button
  5. Select "Insert Template"
  6. Select the Template you want to insert from the list that is populated
  7. Your Template will then be added starting the following week 

How do I create a Program Template from my Training Program?

With this feature, you are also able to save a program as a program template if you want to use this training program for another time! You are able to save the whole program as a template OR you can save just a specific block of training. To do this:

  1. Go to the Program you want to save
  2. Select the 3 dot ellipsis menu on the top right hand corner
  3. Select "Save as Template" 
  4. Create a name for your template
  5. Select the specific weeks of training program you want to save as a template
  6. Add a description of the template if desired
  7. Select "Save as Template"
  8. You can then got the Templates tab and see your template saved (from here you can also edit the template if desired)

Permissions of Program Templates

  • Admins can view, update, duplicate, delete ANY template
  • Coaches can view, duplicate ANY template
  • Coaches can only update/delete templates that were created by them


*Note: Program Templates are only accessible to our Advanced or Premium packages. Please contact  if you are interested in gaining access to this feature.



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