What are user profile notes?

User Profile Notes

User profile notes help coaches keep everything in one place. It's all about giving coaches the power to keep all the important stuff right there in the user's profile, making coaching feel like a custom-tailored adventure. Only coaches and admin are able to see these notes in V3. 

Think of these notes as a digital diary where you can jot down all the nitty-gritty. We're talking about keeping tabs on past and present injuries, a big deal for designing those spot-on training routines and keeping athletes healthy. Then there's the part where you set up detailed training goals to boost performance. 

These notes aren't just about the physical stuff. Coaches can stash away info on dietary preferences, workout routines, what gets the motivation wheels turning, and even those quirky little behaviors that make an athlete tick. It's like a treasure chest of insider knowledge that makes the coaching process way more personal and effective.

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To access User Profile Notes > go to the Users tab > select a user > select the Notes sub-tab > create your note!

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*Please note: This is a premium feature within V3. Please reach out to support@voltathletics.com if you are wanting to upgrade your account to get access to Profile Notes!

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