What is included in the Workout Summary?

What is included in the workout summary?

Once you finish a workout in the Volt App, you'll have the option to access a workout summary that's automatically generated within seconds. This summary contains a wealth of valuable information:

  • Type of activity completed
  • Date and time of completed workout
  • Percentage of workout focus (ex. strength, durability, endurance, etc.)
  • Duration of workout 
  • Energy Expenditure
  • Workout Enjoyment Rating
  • Workout RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
  • Percentage of sets completed within the workout (compared to total sets available)
  • Percentage of Tonnage lifted (compared to expected)
  • Percentage of Movement Patterns completed (ex. Upper body pull, lower body push, etc.)

Additionally, there's a Details page providing a comprehensive breakdown of each set, reps completed, and the weight used for specific workouts.


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