Why do I only see 3 days of training per week?

Calendar and Phases

The Year-Long Training Calendar

Every Volt program features a unique, year-long training calendar. Your calendar is based on the dates of your competitive season or event and is optimized to peak you for competition while keeping you healthy and strong throughout the entire year. The calendar is comprised of three distinct training phases, each carefully designed to prepare your body for the specific training goals of the given season.

Preparatory Phase (Off-Season): 3 to 4 days of training per week

The Preparatory Phase is the most intense training phase, designed to develop all the training adaptations you will need to be successful in your upcoming in-season. Because most sports require many different training adaptations (like maximal strength or muscular endurance), the Preparatory Phase incorporates a variety of training blocks, strategically placed to induce the right adaptations at the right times. Movements progress from simple and general to complex and sport-specific as you near the start of your competitive in-season, to peak you for your sport or event. You will typically see 3-4 training sessions per week during the Preparatory Phase, with workouts lasting 75-90 minutes in length.

Competitive Phase (In-Season): 2 days of training per week

The Competitive Phase is the least intense training phase, designed to help you stay fresh during your in-season. (If you are an event-based athlete, your Competitive Phase may be very short.) Training sessions during the Competitive Phase focus on maintaining the training adaptations you built in the Preparatory Phase, with a goal of maximizing your power and speed during competition. You will typically see 2-3 training sessions per week during the Competitive Phase, with workouts lasting 45-60 minutes in length.

Transitional Phase (Post-Season): typically 3 days of training per week

The Transitional Phase is a medium- to high-intensity phase designed to help you transition from the end of your Competitive Phase to the start of your next Preparatory Phase. We recommend scheduling your Transitional Phase to begin 2 weeks after your Competitive Phase ends, to give your body time to recover from the demands of your competitive season before ramping up training again. (This is the perfect time for active recovery sessions) Movements during this phase will stay relatively simple, allowing you to master the technique and increase mobility and stability within specific movement patterns. You will typically see 3 training sessions per week during the Transitional Phase, with workouts lasting 75-90 minutes in length.

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