How do I change my training program?

How to change your program

From the Volt app:

  1. Tap on Menu icon in upper left corner
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Edit Training Program
  4. Choose your training goal
  5. Choose your training focus
  6. Choose your training experience
  7. Choose how many workouts per week*
  8. Apply changes**

*Note: training programs under sports performance and tactical readiness will have a set number of workouts per week that you are not able to edit. Most sports performance and tactical readiness programs will have 3 or 4 workouts per week.

**Note: when applying changes, you can “Apply change now” or “ Apply change at the beginning of next week.” If you apply change now, it will override your current weeks training progress and erase any completed workouts in the current week. Volt is unable to recover erased workouts.

Pro Tips

Training start date

When you switch programs it is helpful to know that your new program will be based on your original training start date. If you wish to also change your training start date, you can do so after switching programs by resetting your training calendar.

Switching between two programs

You can switch to a program for a set period of time and then switch back to your original program if you wish at anytime. When doing so, it is helpful to know, when you return to your original program you will pick up where that program is, on the current training calendar. So if you left your original program on week 8 and then returned to it 2 weeks later, you will return to your old program at week 10

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