How does Volt calculate workout duration?

Workout Duration

One of the most common questions we hear from coaches is: How do I know if my athletes are actually doing their workouts?

What if they're just checking off sets without completing the movements, or scrolling social media when they're supposed to be training? To display an accurate representation of workout duration on the Coach Dashboard, Volt uses a "cheat-proof" method that eliminates workarounds and creates better accountability for your athletes.

To calculate duration, Volt doesn't simply look at the time between when a user hits "Start Workout" and "Finish Workout." We know there are times when users need to step away from their workout, either by navigating away from the app or their phone entirely, so we created a method that would give us a better picture of the time spent actually doing the workout. Volt looks at how long it took the user to complete each set — for example, the amount of time between when Set 1 and Set 2 are marked complete in the app — then adds up those set lengths to determine workout duration.

However, if Volt sees that more than 15 minutes have passed between sets, Volt assumes that the user was doing something else during that time period and logs the duration for that set at 1 minute. (For reference, according to workout data from thousands of workouts, the average set takes ~40 seconds for a user to complete.) This not only eliminates the risk of users only checking off sets in their workout for the sake of making it look like they are training, it also accommodates instances where a user gets distracted from their workout for 15+ minutes without designating that time as workout time.

This feature is part of Volt's commitment to helping coaches solve practical problems in the weight room, especially when athletes are training remotely and coaches don't have the ability to observe athletes completing each workout.

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