How do I duplicate a program?

Duplicating Programs

You can duplicate any program in your organization to use with another group of users, at any time. You can also use this feature to create programs that function as templates, which other coaches can duplicate and use with their groups.

Note: This feature is only available in Group type programs and not Individual type programs.

How to Duplicate a Program

You can duplicate a program from either the Program Index or the Program's detail page. While you can only edit a program that belongs to a group you're assigned to, you can duplicate any program in your organization.

From the Program Index, open the ellipsis [...] menu on the program you wish to duplicate and click Duplicate Program. From the Program's detail page, open the ellipsis menu in the top right and click Duplicate Program.

On the Duplicate Program slideover, give your program a new name, assign it to a group (this group can be different from the original program's group), and assign it a new Training Start date. 

Note: You can view the Base Program information from the original program (Program Goal, Training Focus, and Program), but these fields can't be changed here because it would generate a new program and wipe out any customizations. To create a program with different Base Program info, create a new program from the Program Index page.

Using Duplicate to Create Template Programs

If you have one program you'd like to use across lots of groups, the duplicate program feature can be used to create copies of this primary program as a "template."
First, create a group called "Templates." Only coaches who are assigned to this group can edit the programs attached to it. (Learn more about roles and permissions here.) If you don't want other coaches to edit programs in this group, don't add them — coaches can still duplicate programs they don't have edit access to.
Create and customize as many programs as you want within your Templates group. Coaches in your organization can duplicate these template programs to use with their groups, and can customize them further to be specific to their users — without affecting the parent "template" programs.

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