How do I create a new program?

Creating a Program

The aim of this article is to guide coaches in crafting a comprehensive 52-week program for their users. Coaches can also create a blank program from scratch, and if this is what you are looking to accomplish, please take a look at this article.

How Do I Create a New Program?

To create a Program:

1. Select "Programs" on the homepage.

1. On the Programs index, click "Create Program."

2. Select the "Start with Volt Program."

3. Fill out your program's details on the slideover. 

  • Select the Program Type (Individual or Group Program)
  • The Group where you want this Program to live
  • Name the Program
  • Select Program Goal, Training Focus, and the Specific Program
  • Add training start date and a season if applicable

4. Click the "Create Program" button.

5. Your program will then be built within seconds and ready for your athletes to use! Feel free to use the training editor to make any necessary adjustments. 

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