How do I create a new group?

Setting Up A New Group

Groups are a way to organize and view data about a specific group of users. To create a new group, go to the Groups index page and click Create Group.

Under Group Details, enter a name for your group and select the group type. (Most organizations will have a group type of "team.") Select whether you want the users in your group to be able to view each other in Volt (Visibility) and whether you want them to complete a pre-workout Readiness Check-in survey before each training session. Note: We recommend enabling Readiness for your group, so you can see this data tracked automatically on the group's Dashboard. Click Create Group.

From here, you can add athletes and other coaches to your group on the Members tab of your group's page. You can also create programs for your group on the Programs tab. 

More resources on setting up your new group:

Step 1: Add Athletes

Step 2: Add Coaches

Step 3: Set Up a Program

Most coaches will rarely need to set up a new group. If you do set up a new group, remember: the athletes on the new group will not "see" the athletes on your other groups (in Volt). Setting up a new group is a great way to create a Coach Group, where coaches can train on Volt without their athletes seeing their program! And, of course, creating a new group is essential for coaches who coach more than one team.

If you would like to add more sports to your school's Volt package, reach out to your Coach Relations Specialist and they will be able to provide you the best options. 

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