How can I sign in and navigate the Volt app as an athlete

Adding Yourself as an Athlete


The purpose of this help article is to provide the necessary steps to add yourself as an athlete on your coach dashboard, so you are able to login to the Volt mobile app and see your training from your athlete's perspective.

How to:

Coach Platform

  1.  Add yourself to the team roster as an athlete (you can use the same email you use to log in as a coach). Article on how to add an athlete here: How to add an athlete
  2. Once added, you can then add yourself to the program roster that you want to see in the training app. (As an athlete, you can only be on a single program per team, so if you have multiple programs on your team you want to view as an athlete, you will have to re-assign yourself to that program.) Article on how to assign athletes to a program: How Do I Assign Athletes to a Program?
  3. Accept the invite and follow the steps on creating your account with Volt.
  4. Download the orange and white Volt app either from the Apple Store or Google Play Store 
  5. Login with the credentials you submitted when creating your account.

Watch the how-to video here: Add Yourself to a Training Program

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