How do I increase my organization's limit on athlete accounts?

Volt coach accounts for your organization are free and unlimited. We base our pricing structure on the number of athlete accounts per organization.

Based on your organization's pricing plan, you may have a maximum number of athlete accounts available to be used. Athlete accounts are shared across all groups within your organization. If you have multiple coaches on your organization, this means that all coaches share the same pool of available athlete accounts to use. 


Once your organization has reached 80% of your account capacity, coaches will see a notification in the sidebar of your Volt Coach Platform. If you reach your organization's capacity, you will not be able to add athletes to Volt and athletes will not be able to accept their Volt invite. When you are nearing capacity, it's important to take steps to either free up accounts or add more to your plan.

To free up athlete accounts to be used by other coaches, be sure to remove athletes who are no longer at your organization (graduated students, etc.). 

To add more athlete accounts to your organization's plan, contact your account management team at

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