How do I use coach and movement notes?

Purpose of Coach Notes and Movement Notes

The Coach and Movement Notes features will give you the opportunity to be as specific as possible when administering training to your athletes. Leave detailed notes before the start of their training day, as well as detailed notes on certain movements and sets within their workouts or activities.

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Coach Notes

Coach Notes will give coaches the opportunity to leave detailed notes on specific days for their athletes. This might include instructing what specific equipment you want them to use, post-workout stretching, etc. Coach Notes can be up to 350 characters and can include emojis as well. Athletes will be able to see these notes in their Volt Training App home screen when viewing specific training days. 

To add a Coach Note:

1. Go to your program

2. Hover over the training day you want to add a Coach Note to 

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3. Select the note icon that appears on that training day

4. Then select "Add Coach Note"

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Leaving Individual Coach Notes

There may be times when you need to leave a specific note to just one athlete. With our "View As" feature, you are able to leave a note for one athlete.  To do this:

1. Select "View As" 

2. Select the athlete you want to leave a note for

3. Hover over the training day you want to leave a note for

4. Select "Add Private Note"

This note will only be visible to the athlete you write it to in their app. Once you exit out of "View As" mode, you will no longer see the note on your program page. 

Movement Notes

Movement Notes were created to give coaches the opportunity to write detailed notes to athletes on specific movements within a workout. So when an athlete starts their workout, they may have several notes within that workout on different sets (depending on where the coach wants/needs to leave a note).

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To Add Movement Notes:

1. Go to your program

2. Go into the training editor by selecting "Edit" 

3. Hover over a movement and select the edit movement icon

4. On the slideover, you'll see a note icon next to every set

5. Select the note icon and leave Movement Notes for this specific set

6. Select "Save" 

A yellow note icon will show by every set you have left a note for, and you will be able to hover over the note icon to see a preview of the note you have written. Your note can include up to 350 characters (emojis included), and Movement Notes will be seen by every athlete on the training program. 

Note: If your athlete has replaced the movement you annotated with either a movement note OR an equipment replacement, they may not see your note.








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