Athletes Logging Non-Volt Workouts

Athlete Activity Log in the Coach Platform

Within the coach platform, when you navigate to an athlete's profile page, you will come across an Activity Log. This log serves as a historical record, documenting all the workouts, activities, and routines the athlete has undertaken. It provides a comprehensive overview of the athlete's overall engagement with Volt. This Activity Log encompasses Volt workouts and routines, in addition to any activities the athletes engage in outside of Volt, which they manually input into the Activity Log section of their Volt training app. (More on this below.)

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For each activity, you’ll see the activity type (e.g., Set Workout, Run, Custom Activity, Primers, Finishers, etc.), the status of the activity (started or finished), date completed, duration, and Session RPE. Session RPE (rating of perceived effort) measures how intense an activity felt on a scale from 1 to 10. Click on an activity to view the Workout Summary and set-by-set details of each workout or activity completed.

Activity Log in the Training App

In the Volt training app, there is an Activity Log where athletes can view a historical list of their workout activity in Volt. The Activity Log can be found in the side menu.

From the Activity Log, athletes can tap Add to log a new activity. From there they can select their activity type from a list and input duration, date, time, and Session RPE for the activity. Athletes can also add an optional note on their activity, which coaches can view in the coach platform on the Workout Summary for this activity.

*Note- Currently, only athletes can log activities for themselves from the Volt training app.


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