How do I use compliance mode?

What is Compliance Mode?

Compliance Mode is a setting in Volt that allows coaches to adhere to compliance regulations while using the coach platform. Coaches can enable Compliance Mode when their sport is not in season, to ensure adherence to these regulations.

Compliance regulations aim to protect student-athletes from being compelled to participate in training activities while their sport is not in season. As it relates to strength and conditioning, coaches under compliance regulations are not allowed to enforce participation in training programs while their sport in not in season. (For more specific information on NCAA rules and regulations, contact your school’s compliance officer.)

In Volt, all data related to an athlete’s workout engagement and accountability is hidden while a coach has Compliance Mode enabled, in order to prohibit attendance tracking during periods where compliance rules apply.

Compliance Mode in Volt

While in Compliance Mode, coaches will not have access to the following functionality and features:

  • Dashboard data — including Accountability, Readiness, and Individual Progress data
  • Analytics data — including Engagement, e1RMs, and Metrics data
  • Volt Chat
  • Workout history for individual athletes

Turning Compliance Mode On and Off

Coaches with Admin permissions in Volt can enable and disable Compliance Mode for other coaches. Coaches without Admin permissions can only enable/disable Compliance Mode for themselves.

To place a coach in Compliance Mode, click the ellipsis […] menu to the right of their name on the Users Index, and click Edit Details. Under Role, check the Enable Compliance Mode checkbox. This coach is now in Compliance Mode, and cannot view any training and accountability data for any athletes they manage.

Coaches in Compliance Mode will have a “Compliance Mode” tag next to their name wherever it appears in Volt, so all coaches on your organization can see who has Compliance Mode enabled at any given time.

While in Compliance Mode, you will see a persistent yellow banner at the top of your screen that says “You’re in Compliance Mode.” To turn Compliance Mode off for yourself, go to the ellipsis […] menu on the right of this banner and click Edit My Info. Under Role, uncheck the Compliance Mode checkbox to disable Compliance Mode.

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