How does the engagement feature work?

Purpose of the Engagement Feature

The Engagement feature is designed to provide you with a more comprehensive view of your athletes and clients' commitment to their training, enabling you to maintain their accountability. This feature can serve as a leaderboard, offering insight into which athletes are consistently logging the most workouts. It can also function as an accountability tool, allowing you to identify those who haven't completed a workout in some time.

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How can I best utilize the Engagement Feature?

The Engagement section can be found within the Analytics Tab on your dashboard. The data found in the Engagement section will show you the entire org's interaction with Volt. You can toggle between "All Activities" and "Workouts Only" on the Engagement tab.

  • When filtered to “All Activities,” these pages will report data on how many warm-ups, primers, finishers, workouts, and custom activities were started by your athletes. This includes activities your athletes log in their training app, but were not explicitly assigned by you.
  • When filtered to “Workouts Only,” this view reports only activities of type workout. This makes it easy for you to see exactly the data you care about at any given moment.

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You can filter by specific group or program, while also toggling between a set number of days, months, and years when viewing this data in the Engagement graph. The graph will show you the total number of workouts or activities completed per week by all athletes in a specific group or program, and will give you a bird's eye view on how consistent your athletes are with completing workouts and activities week by week. 

Engagement Data by Group/Program

After selecting a group/program and a specific timeline, you will be able to view:

  • Total number of workouts or activities completed
  • Percentage of athletes that accessed Volt
  • Percentage of completed workouts or activities
  • Average workout or activity duration of all athletes combined

Engagement Data by Individual Athlete

You will also be able to view individual statistics of each athlete within the group or program you selected:

  • Total workouts or activities completed within X number of days
  • Average workout or activity duration
  • Average set completion rate
  • Completed date of last workout or activity





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