What are strategies for async and sync learning, team training?

Synchronous and Asynchronous Training

Volt provides athletic teams, PE classes, and other groups with the flexibility to train synchronously and/or asynchronously while athletes are remote since training is delivered via the Volt mobile app.

For synchronous training 

Many groups utilize some sort of virtual meeting software such as Zoom or Google Meet to connect the members of the team with one another. If you (as the coach/teacher/instructor/etc.) are not able to be on the call with the group, it's important that you designate one or a few members of the group to take the lead on running the virtual meeting.

If you are using Zoom (or another software that allows screen-casting/-sharing from a mobile device), it's helpful to have the leader of the meeting take the group through the workout while casting his/her Volt app to the group. During the meeting, other participants are encouraged to follow along in their own Volt app while executing the workout, as training prescriptions may vary from person-to-person.

For asynchronous training

The coach/teacher/instructor/etc. should ensure that all members of the group understand how to complete training in the Volt app. Team/group participation expectations should be set and clearly communicated by the leader(s) of the group to the rest of the team. Members of the group may complete workouts on their own in the Volt app. Anyone who has been added as a Coach on the team may log in online to view participation on the Coach Dashboard. All members of the team (coaches and athletes) may log in online to view team participation in the Analytics section.

Volt Chat

Volt Chat is a great way to stay connected with your team in real-time in either asynchronous or synchronous training. Connect with your team or individual athletes, share content, celebrate your athletes, all directly in Volt. Check out our help article to learn more about Volt Chat

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