How to teach a new Coach to use Volt?

Getting a New Coach, Assistant, or Instructor Started

Getting a new coach or teacher spun up on Volt is an easy process!

Add the New Coach

First, let's make sure that this person has been added as a Coach on your team. To do so, log in to your Volt account and go to the Manage tab. Then, navigate to the Coaches subsection and scroll down to view the Coach Roster. If the new coach is not on your Coach Roster, enter the name and email address for the coach and select ADD. The new coach should now be added to your Coach Roster, and you'll need to select Send Invite (envelope icon). This will send an email to your new coach, with instructions on how to activate his/her account and log in.


We recommend providing your new coach with some Onboarding Resources. You can walk your coach through the system yourself, and/or share the link to our Volt Onboarding Video

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