How do I use the training editor?


The purpose of this help article is to provide a step-by-step walk-through on how you can use the training editor tool. In this article, we will walk through how to create a program, how to modify an existing program, how to input lifting and circuit-based workouts, and all the features that the training editor provides. This article also has a video tutorial should you wish to visually follow along. 

What is the training editor:

The training editor is available for our team and group coaches and has to be enabled on your account by your account manager. If you are not familiar with the training editor, then we recommend checking out the help article, Can I customize my volt training? If you would like access to the training editor, be sure to connect with your account manager for further support.

New Coach Platform (V3)

All the things you love about Volt's training editor and more!

What's New:

  • Edit sets, reps, and rest - hover your cursor over the movement and click the Screen_Shot_2022-08-02_at_9.28.17_AM.png icon. 
  • Duplicate program.
  • Estimated workout duration - see an estimated workout duration in real-time as you make changes to your workout day.

*Note: If you are using the Volt Coach App, the training editor will not be available on phones, but will be accessible on tablets.

Classic Coach Platform

Step-by-step guide:

How to access the training editor

To access the training editor, you first need to have it enabled on your account by your Account Manager. Once enabled, you will need to log in at via a laptop or desktop computer. The training editor is not available via a mobile device in-app or a mobile web browser.

Once logged in, from the coach dashboard, click on Workouts. To the left of the Workouts tab, there will be an Edit icon. Clicking Edit will take you to the training editor.


How to add workout days

You can add a workout day by selecting Add Training Day. You can select to add either a circuit workout or a lifting workout. At this time, you are only able to choose one or the other per day and you are not able to add both to a single day.


Workout types

Lifting workout

These are Volt's typical rep-based workouts. You can make these loaded or bodyweight or both by selecting movements from our movement library. Lifting workouts require the athlete the interact with the app to progress themselves through the workout and select RPE when asked to rate a movement.

Circuit workout

These workouts are time-based workouts. Can be loaded, bodyweight, or both by selecting the movements from the Volt circuit movement library. Circuit workouts require little to no interaction by the athlete as the athlete will be auto progressed through the workout. These workouts are audible guidance, so make sure your athletes have the volume turned up, or headphones in. 

How to copy workouts

To copy a previous week, Select Populate Training at the week level edit options. To duplicate a day, select the + icon on the day-level edits.


How to ungroup, group, add, remove, and reorder movements

Use the arrows to reorder the movement or the set. Use Add Movement, to add a new movement from the library. User the arrows between sets to group sets. Use the ungroup button to ungroup a movement from the set. Hover your cursor over a movement to access the trash icon to delete a movement.



How to change the workout scheme and intensity

You read more about the training blocks, Volt scheme's and intensities, here! To change the scheme and intensity you can follow the steps below. 

You can edit both the Scheme and the Intensity at the week and day levels. Select the drop-down menus titled Scheme and Intensity to select the option you would like. As you make your selection, you will notice that the %e1RM, Reps, and Rest will adjust accordingly based on Volt Training Blocks prescriptions.


Other things to know

When making changes to a program using the editor, it is worth noting that applied changes to the current week, will only appear for athletes that have not yet started a workout. If you change root programs or make calendar adjustments, you will override and erase your training editor adjustments. following this order of operations will help prevent you from overriding and erasing any changes made:

  1. Create New Program
    • Name you program
    • Select Root Program
    • Select Next Step
    • Set your Training Calendar dates
    • Apply your changes
  2. Edit program
    • Go to the Programs tab
    • Select the program you wish to edit
    • Select Edit
    • Make your changes
    • Apply your changes


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