What if I need to take a week off or I am unable to train?

Insert Unload and Off Weeks

You can edit the Volt training calendar to accommodate for vacation, illness, or other events that might “interrupt” the training plan. By inserting an Unload or Off Week, Cortex™ will adjust the training calendar to optimize training moving forward.

First, you will need to log into your Volt account via the web. You can log in at app.voltathletics.com. Once logged in navigate to Training, then Calendar. The 52-week periodized training calendar will be displayed in week-long units, organized by block. (Each block is usually 3 weeks long.) Simply click on any week to insert either an Unload or Off Week. An Unload Week will consist of workouts with reduced volume, while an Off Week results in a week with no workouts at all. 

The training calendar will automatically adjust to any changes you make, rearranging the block structure to accommodate your changes and optimizing toward performance goals.

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