Can I fully customize my Volt program?

Training Editor

Volt offers the ability for you to customize your training program. If you are an experienced trainer or CSCS coach and wish to utilize Volt’s platform but want to create your own customized program, now you can.

Note: The training editor is only available to our Team and Group customers at this time and is not available for individual users.


With the training editor, enabled you can:

  • Add new movements and training days
  • Delete movement and training days
  • Rearrange movement and training days
  • Group/ungroup sets or movements
  • Copy workouts from the previous week
  • Edit block schemes and intensity
  • Create both Lifting or Circuit workouts
  • And much more!

The Training Editor is a very robust tool that will allow you full customization and the ability to add your own programming using Volt’s platform. All of your customizations and programming will appear for your team in the athlete app after you’ve applied your changes, just as Volt programming does now.

Watch the how-to video here: How to use the Training Editor

How do I get access to the Training Editor?

If you think the training editor might be a good tool for you and you want to learn more, or if you would like a demo, please connect with your Volt Account Manager directly. You can also "submit a request" at the bottom of this article and our support team will connect you with your dedicated Account Manager.

For coaches looking to make small program changes, like equipment-based swaps, we encourage you to check out the movement replacement tool.

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