How do I track accountability within my team?

What is Accountability?

With Volt, you are able to track workout completion, duration and set completion rate for all group members. Accountability enables coaches to help hold athletes accountable to their training.

How Do I Track Accountability?

Athletes can indicate that they have completed their workout, or a portion of their workout, right from the app. Once they have checked any movement in a workout complete, the light grey circle next to his or her name on the Dashboard will fill in with a solid color, indicating who has completed that day's workout. Within that circle you will be able to see the day of the week they completed the workout as well as the time that it took them to finish the workout. To view an athlete's complete workouts individually, click on the circle that they completed and you'll see only their workout summary and information.

Watch this video on all features within your Group Dashboard: Group Dashboard: Your Command Center

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