How do I track accountability?


What is Accountability?

With Volt, you are able to track how many workouts an athlete has completed over the last 30, 60, and 90 days (as well as All Time). Not only does Accountability enable coaches to help hold athletes accountable to their training, but teammates can see each other's progress on their platforms as well.

How Do I Track Accountability?

Athletes can indicate that they have completed their workout, or a portion of their workout, right from the app. Once they have checked any movement in a workout complete, the light grey circle next to his or her name on the Dashboard will fill in with a solid color, indicating who has completed that day's workout. You can also mark this off for your athletes from your Dashboard by selecting the day (to the right of the athlete's name) and clicking Mark Complete. You can see your entire team's complete workout totals in the Analytics section, on the Accountability page. To view an athlete's complete workouts individually, click on their name and you'll see only their information.

What About NCAA Compliance?

We've got you taken care of! Turn on our Compliance Mode in the Manage section, on the Coaches page, and all Accountability information for your athletes will be hidden from view! You can turn this on for just yourself or for the entire coaching staff. You will need to do this for each TEAM you are assigned to (for example if you are a coach of Men's and Women's Golf, you need to turn Compliance Mode on under the Manage section for each team).

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