How do I add Coaches?

Managing Coaches

In the Manage section of your platform, you can add coaches, edit their information, invite them to join your team, and remove them from a team.

Adding Coaches

To add coaches, you will go to Manage, then click on Coaches, then enter the first name, last name, and email for each coach you’d like to add. After you have added your coaches, you can invite them to join the platform by clicking Send All Pending Invitations. They will receive an invite email telling them to set up a password.

You will repeat this process for each team you’d like to add the coach to, using their same email address each time, but the coach will not need to set up a new password, they will just accept the invite by logging in from the email.

Removing Coaches

On the Coach page of the Manage section, you can manage any coaches that are tied to the team's Volt account. To remove a coach, simply click on the "X" to the far right of their name on the Manage, Coaches page.

All coaches on your team will have the same permissions and can manage athletes, teams, analytics, programs, etc. 

Compliance Mode

You can also choose to turn Compliance Mode ON or OFF from the Coach page of the Manage section. All coaches can manage compliance mode for themselves. Compliance Mode hides the Accountability section and hides the completed workouts from the Dashboard. This is best utilized by NCAA teams who are restricted by NCAA compliance rules.

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