How do I print my team's workout?

Please note- This feature is only available in our original coaching platform, V2. You can still log in to the original coaching platform and print workouts: 

Printing Workouts

While we highly recommend utilizing the Volt app in the weight room, we also understand that there are times coaches would prefer to keep technology out of the weight room. We have designed the Volt Dashboard to accommodate just that. Not only can you input Strength Numbers and keep track of an athlete's accountability from the Dashboard, but you can also print off the athletes' workouts on a daily or weekly basis. If you don't want the athletes on their phones in the weight room, Volt workouts are optimized for printing and ideal for tech-free training.

Printing Team Workouts

Print workouts for all athletes on the team for any training day. Go to the Dashboard, then click the Day 1, 2, etc. circle (at the top) that you wish to print workouts for. Once you select Print All Workouts, you will be sent an email containing workouts in a PDF format for every athlete on the team, no matter what program they are training on.

Another way to print workouts is by clicking Select All on the left (or by selecting specific athletes), which causes a Print Workouts button to pop up on the bottom right of your screen. From here you can print Daily workouts (each day of training on a separate sheet of paper) or Weekly Printout (all workouts displayed on one sheet) to save some paper.

Printing Individual Athlete Workouts

Simply click on the day you wish to print workouts for (to the right of the athlete name) and click Print Workout to print for JUST that athlete. Unlike team printouts (which are emailed in bulk), individual printouts will download to your computer immediately. Click the download to open the PDF and print that workout.

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