Can I replace a movement?

Replacing Movements

What Does it Mean to Replace a Movement?

The Movement Replacement tool allows you to customize the Volt program, movement by movement. You can choose to swap a movement just for this week, for the entire block, or always. This is especially useful for working around any equipment limitations (e.g., selecting to always replace a Lat Pulldown for a Supine Row, if there is not a lat pulldown machine). You can access Movement Replacements by going to the Workout, and hover your cursor over the movement you want to replace and click the replace icon Screen_Shot_2022-08-03_at_10.56.01_AM.png to the bottom left of the movement.

Can I Replace the Hang Clean, Back Squat, or Bench Press?

Yes! You can swap out any movement (within certain categories). However, if you frequently swap out the 3 Volt Base Lifts you may not be recalibrating your Strength Numbers often enough to optimize your training program. Remember, the loading for all movements in your training program is informed by your strength levels in these 3 movements. If you swap out these important lifts, you may miss opportunities to recalibrate your Strength Numbers and make your entire program more accurate as you grow stronger.

Why Can I Only Swap Within Certain Categories?

You can replace a movement with any movement currently available in the Volt library. However, to make sure your Volt program is as effective as possible, we provide suggested movements based on specific categories. For example, if you replace the BB Front Squat, you will see movement options from the Double-Leg Push category. If you replace the DB One-Arm Row, you will see options from the Upper-Body Pull category. The reasoning for this? Each Volt program was designed by our team of CSCS-certified strength and conditioning coaches to be balanced across specific movement patterns. If, for example, you always swapped out Upper-Body Pull movements and replaced them with Upper-Body Push movements, not only would you render your program less balanced (and therefore less effective), but you may also put your athletes at risk for an overuse injury.

To learn more about different ways to utilize Movement Replacements, check out this article on the Volt blog.

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