What are Strength Numbers?

Note: Strength Numbers are an older strength progress paradigm and have been replaced by Estimated One-Rep Maximums in the new Volt Coach Platform (V3). The information in this article applies only to Classic Volt.


Strength Numbers


Input Your Athletes' Strength Numbers

The first time you enter your team's Strength Numbers for the 3 Volt Base Lifts, you will typically do so in the Analytics section of the platform.

To enter Strength Numbers, click on Bench, Squat, or Clean (whichever movement you wish to enter data for). This will pull up a graph that tracks your progress over time in each lift, and your overall progress in all 3 lifts combined. (If you have never entered Strength Numbers, you will not see a graph yet).

From here, you can either check off the box at the top and select the entire team or check off certain athletes to only input their information. Then click Input Data in the lower right corner to enter the weight (in pounds or kilograms) lifted and the number of reps completed. Be sure to select the correct date. Once you click Save, Volt will save the data and plot it on a graph that will track the athlete's improvement over time. Volt will use these Strength Numbers along with Smart Sets to prescribe the most appropriate loading for movements in the athlete's workouts.

How Do I Update My Athletes' Numbers?

Over the course of the training, Volt will prescribe Challenge Sets during the final weeks of certain training blocks to allow athletes to update their Strength Numbers and see how they have improved. When you see a Challenge Set on the athlete's workout, make sure they complete as many reps of the movement at the prescribed weight as they can, then enter that number and click the check mark to save. This will automatically update the Strength Numbers in the Analytics section of your platform. You can also update Strength Numbers right from the Analytics section, as explained above.

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