What is Compliance Mode?

Compliance Mode

What is Compliance Mode?

Compliance Mode helps coaches comply with NCAA rules about training and athlete privacy. Turning Compliance Mode on (on the Coaches page of the Manage section) will hide a team's accountability from coaches who are not allowed to view what athletes are/are not doing over certain periods during the year, according to the NCAA. This allows coaches to manage their athletes' training throughout the year without risking non-compliance with NCAA regulations.

Who is Compliance Mode For?

The NCAA regulates the information coaches are allowed to access regarding their athletes' training during certain times in the year. This usually applies only to collegiate coaches. If you or one of your coaches is not allowed to view whether or not your athlete's complete training sessions, due to NCAA regulations, turn Compliance Mode on. You can manage which coaches are in Compliance Mode in the Coaches page of the Manage section (e.g., some coaches may not need to comply, while others do).

What Happens When Compliance Mode is On?

If you turn Compliance Mode on for yourself as a coach, you will not be able to view whether or not your athletes have completed their workouts (i.e., you will not see the circles that indicate workout completion on your Dashboard like the image below). The Accountability page of the Analytics section is also hidden when Compliance Mode is on. You can still manage your athletes' training, but you cannot see any accountability information about that training.

How Do I Turn Compliance Mode On/Off?

In the Manage, Coaches portion of the platform, you can turn Compliance Mode on for yourself and other coaches in the system. Don't forget, you need to do this for all teams that you coach. Turning it on for one team does not put you in Compliance Mode for any other teams.

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