How do I create a new program?

Create Programs

New Coach Platform (V3) 

Adding a Program

To create a new program in the new coach platform, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Programs in the top menu bar
  2. Click on Create Program
  3. Input the "program details"
  4. Input the "base program" details
  5. Input the "program dates" details
  6. Click Create Program

Classic Coach Platform

Add a Program

To add a program, select + New Program either from the side menu on the left or the dropdown list under Programs. You will be prompted to complete 3 steps to set up your new program.

Step 1 - Program Details: Name the program, select the sport attached to the program, and specify the level of program difficulty. Then, click Next Step.

Step 2 - Create the Training Calendar: Enter the dates of your competitive season, or click Copy Dates from Another Program in the upper right to duplicate the calendar dates. Then, click Next Step.

Step 3 - Assign Athletes: You can skip this part if you wish to assign athletes later (by going to Programs, then Roster), or add athletes to the new program from this page by clicking the + to the right of the athlete's name and clicking Add to Program. Click Save Program when you are finished.

If you want to skip the Foundation block for your new program, make  Movement Replacements, or insert Unload/Off Weeks, you can do so from the Programs section.

Delete a Program

To learn how to delete a program, check out this article HERE.

Why Add New Programs?

You can create as many programs for your team as you would like. Each program can be edited individually to customize the training calendar, movement selection, and/or root program (e.g., All-Around Athlete Level 1 or Women's Basketball Level 2). Here are a few scenarios that might warrant creating multiple programs for your team:

Injured Athletes

Volt programs are NOT appropriate for injured athletes, and we strongly recommend all injured athletes receive proper medical care from a physician before returning to a strength training program. However, athletes cleared to return to training but unable to perform all the same movements as the rest of the team can train on a separate program. Use Movement Replacements to adjust a program for athletes returning from injury (e.g., replace barbell movements with dumbbells or band variations)

Different Schedules

If a few athletes are starting their Volt training later than everyone else, setting up a new program for them ensures they don't have to jump into training in the middle of the calendar. It is safer for most athletes to start in Week 1 than it is to start during a random week in the training calendar.

Experience Level

Different programs can be created based on the level of strength training experience a group of athletes. For example, younger athletes might train on a Level 1 program while more experienced lifters can train on Level 2.

Coach Training Programs

If you or other coaches want to train alongside your athletes, you can set up a program just for Coaches! Athletes will be able to see your progress over time, which can be a great motivational tool. (If you prefer your athletes not to see your Strength Numbers, create a New Team and then create your training program to keep your analytics separate from those of your athletes.)


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