How do I accommodate multi-sport athletes?

Multi-Sport Athletes

Some athletes compete in more than one sport. Volt can help you take care of these athletes in a couple of different ways.

Add Athlete to All Teams

If you have a Volt Performance Package that includes multiple sports, you can add a multi-sport athlete to the other teams they play on during the season by using their same email address every time. The athlete can then switch between their teams right from the app or on their browser.

Add to a New Program

If you only have access to one sports program, you can still set up a separate calendar for multi-sport athletes (to accommodate different in-seasons). Simply create a program just for them and select the All-Around Athlete root program (which comes complimentary with all Volt Packages!), then set up their calendar dates to reflect their multiple competitive seasons.

 *If you are on a Premium Package, we encourage you to connect with your Strength Coach Consultant to form a strategy that best fits your situation!

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