Cortex™ is our revolutionary performance training AI.

Cortex™ leverages decades of sports science research, along with Volt’s massive performance training dataset, to bring an unprecedented level of intelligence and precision to each athlete’s plan. This revolutionary way of training encompasses Smart Sets, Strength Numbers, Movement Replacements and the Training Calendar all working together. The result? Safer, more personalized training—and even better results. Check out more on our blog post.

Smart Sets

With Smart Sets on, Cortex™ will periodically ask you to rate the difficulty of a set, then use your feedback to adjust your workouts in real-time from set to set—resulting in the most optimal workout on any given day. Every Volt workout is perfectly tailored to your strength levels, giving you exactly how much weight to lift for almost every movement in your training program. Volt prescribes this loading based on your Strength Numbers, so it's important to find and enter your numbers as soon as you can. 

Movement Replacements

Volt lets you replace any movement in your workouts to give you ultimate control of your training! Swap out movements based on your equipment or personal preference, or just to add more variety to your workouts. Volt will recommend 6 replacements that fall within the appropriate movement category to make sure your training is still just as effective. Check out this article on Movement Replacements to learn more.

Training Calendar

Volt strategically plans each training session to help you peak at just the right time, based on the dates you input into your calendar. Your program will automatically adjust in real time, and the effectiveness of your training won't be altered by any changes you make.

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