Volt Athletics

Volt was founded in 2011 to help everyone train like a pro. From sports performance to general strength (and everything in between), we’re building technology to help you train the right way for what matters most.

Volt will plan your workout and, using our performance training AI, will adapt and evolve each workout in real-time based on your feedback. The result: hyper-personalized guidance that maximizes results (while minimizing the risk of injury).

Every Volt training is built on a foundation of over 50 years of sports science research. We use that foundation to help each and everybody train safely and effectively. You’ll see inside our app that your custom training is carefully curated for step-by-step progressions that equate to serious progress. There are no random movements in every training, ensuring you’re meeting your health, fitness and performance goals.

The app will keep your gym sessions interesting and enlightening, thanks to 1000s of HD videos and instructions on every movement, so you’re learning along the way.

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