How do I add custom metrics?

Note: The Custom Metrics feature is not yet available in the new Volt Coach Platform- V3 (launching late summer 2022). For more information, contact

Custom Metrics

With the Custom Metrics tracking tool, you can track up to eight metrics over time for each team. You can track the 40-yard dash for your football team, home-to-first time for your softball team, vertical jump for your basketball team...the list goes on.

Create A Metric

To create a custom metric to track, go to the Analytics page, click on the Custom Metrics tab, then click Create a New Metric at the bottom of the page. A pop-up screen will then allow you to give your metric a name (like “Vertical Jump” or “3-Cone Drill”) and select the units used to track your metric (like distance in yards). Click Save to create your metric.

From here, you’ll need to input data for your athletes for your newly created metric—it’s easier than creating all eight metrics first.

Input Athlete Data

You can input data for one or all your athletes at a time. All athletes will automatically be selected for you once you create your first metric, to encourage you to add data. You can also add data for one athlete at a time by deselecting all athletes, and clicking the box next to the individual athlete’s name you wish to add data for—then click Input Data.

Enter data for your athletes in the Add Metric Data screen that pops up. The tab in the top left indicates the custom metric for which you are inputting data, and the tab in the top right indicates the testing date (it will default to today’s date). After you’ve entered all data, click Save in the top right. Repeat this step to add data from multiple dates for the same metric.

You will now see your custom metric displayed in graph form. Click Create a New Metric to keep adding trackable metrics, or click on an existing Custom Metric tile to enter data for that metric (if there is no data entered for that metric, that tile is not active).

Edit/Delete A Metric

To edit or delete an existing metric, it must have data entered in the system. Simply hover your cursor over the metric’s tile, click on the pencil/edit icon, and either edit or delete that metric. Remember: if you delete a metric, it will delete the data for all athletes on your team.

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