How do I edit information for an athlete?

Managing Athletes

New Coach Platform (V3)

To edit an Athletes details you can follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Users
  2. Click on Users In My Groups or search the athlete you are looking for
  3. Hover over the athlete you are looking for and click the ellipses (...) on the right-hand side. Or, click on the athlete to view the User Details, then click the ellipses to Edit Details
  4. Edit the information you wish to change
  5. Click Save

Only athletes can edit their name and email once they have been added to the team. As a coach, you are able to edit their role, group, and training assignment. Athletes can always edit their personal details, like name, email, and password, from the Volt training app directly. 

Classic Coach Platform

Add Athletes

*Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Safari to upload your athletes. 

To add an athlete, go to Manage, click on the + Add Athletes button, and you have the ability to add athletes one by one, or you can add athletes in bulk. After adding your athletes, you can add them to a program immediately, or you can do so later (How to add athlete’s). Once you have added the athletes, you will be asked to invite them to the team. Again, you can do this right away, or you can choose to wait.  

Before The Athlete Activates Their Account

A coach can only edit an athlete's information (name and email address) before the athlete has activated their Volt account. On the Athlete page of the Manage section, there will be three dots next to each athlete, click on the 3 dots to expose a menu. You can resend their invite, edit their information, or remove the athlete. 

After The Athlete Activates Their Account

If the athlete has already activated their Volt account and created a password, you will see a blue check next to each athlete. Once the athlete activates their account, only the athlete can make changes to their account information. He or she can sign into their account with the email address used to activate their account and edit their information under their Profile.

What If Some Athletes Didn't Receive An Invite?

If an athlete did not receive an invite email, you should follow these steps:

  1. Check the spelling of the athlete's email address in Manage
  2. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the athlete’s name to see if it says “Resend Invite” in the menu. If it says "Send Invite" then it was never sent.
  3. Have the athlete check spam or junk folders.
  4. Try a different email address by clicking on the 3 dots (...), then Edit.
  5. Reach out to your support specialist for additional assistance.

Removing Athletes

Once an athlete has graduated or will no longer be training with the team for an extended period of time, you can remove them from the Manage section by clicking on the “...” next to their name.

Add Existing Athletes

Once an athlete has created a Volt account, you can add them to other teams using the same email address and this will link their account so they can easily switch from team to team in their app. They will not need to accept a new invite, simply log in.

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