How do I use Finishers?


A finisher is a targeted routine designed to be performed after your strength training session. Finishers can have different specific goals, but the main goal is to provide an opportunity for more focused training adaptation—like a bonus at the end of your workout—to help you reach your athletic goals. As a coach, Volt Chat is a great way to prescribe training extras to your team or individual athletes.

How Do I Use Finishers?

The best part about finishers is that using them is entirely up to YOU! We created these training extras to give you more options for ultimate workout customization, so there is no "right way" to use them. We recommend selecting 1 primer and/or finisher to perform in addition to your workout, on days when you have the time.

Core Strength

A stronger, more stable core helps all athletes perform better—and is essential for executing your Volt training program. Perform one of these finishers 2-3x/week directly after your workout for best results. Start with Level 1, then move to the next level once you have mastered it.

Grip Strength

Is having a strong grip essential to your sport? These 4-movement finishers are designed to strategically improve your forearm, hand, and grip strength. Perform 1-2x/week directly after your workout to develop an iron grip. Try alternating versions for variety!


Feeling stiff or sore? Our mobility finishers feature myofascial (foam rolling) movements to keep your connective tissues healthy and free of "knots," and targeted stretches to help you recover faster. Perform 1-3x/week directly after a workout, or combine both for a restorative workout on non-training days.

Mass Builder

Need to put on more lean muscle for your sport? Perform a Mass Builder Finisher 1-2x/week after your workout to gain size and strength. Alternate Days 1 and 2 for best results. *Add in what block are best to implement Mass Builder*

Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con)

Want to take your conditioning to the next level? These "AMRAP" workouts (as many rounds as possible) are designed to challenge your anaerobic threshold, and they are intense. Perform 1-2x/week after your workout on training days before a rest day (your body will need to rest and recover in order to create positive training adaptations). Start with Level 1, then move to the next once you have mastered it.

Neck Strength

Neck strength is crucial for protecting the spine and head in sports and is especially important in collision sports like football and rugby. Perform 1x/week after your workout to strengthen the musculature of the neck.

Static Stretching

Are muscles feeling tight and sore? This 8-movement stretching routine targets the whole body, with an emphasis on the hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves. Perform 2-3x/week after your workout, or on non-training days to aid your recovery.

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