How do I use Primers?


A primer is a targeted routine designed to be performed before your strength training session. Primers can have different specific goals, but the main goal is to provide an opportunity for more specific preparation—after your warm-up, but before your workout—to help you reach your athletic goals. As a coach, Volt Chat is a great way to prescribe specific training extras to your team or individual athletes.

How Do I Use Primers?

The best part about primers is that using them is entirely up to YOU! We created these training extras to give you more options for ultimate workout customization, so there is no "right way" to use them. We recommend selecting 1 primer and/or finisher to perform in addition to your workout, on days when you have the time.

Knee Stability

These 8-movement routines are designed to increase your knee stability and improve knee mechanics, to help you decelerate and land safely. These primers target the musculature of the lower body to activate the prime movers and mobilize the tissues surrounding the knee. Perform 1-2x/week before your workout to take a proactive approach to prevent ACL injury. Try alternating each version for variety!

Movement Technique

These 4-movement technique primers break down each of the 3 Volt Base Lifts into smaller components, helping to solidify your form. We recommend performing the corresponding primer before a workout involving the Hang Clean, Back Squat, or Bench Press to improve your technique and ensure your form is spot-on.

Jump Landing Mechanics

If your sport involves jumping, you need to train your body to land safely and correctly. Perform this 4-movement primer at least 1x/week before your workout to develop the strength and stability to avoid injury from landing incorrectly.


Training on a Power or Speed Block? Try one of these primers 1x/week before your workout to help build explosive lower-body strength and prepare your joints for safe jumping and landing. Start with Level 1 and progress to the next level once you have mastered it.

Shoulder Health

Does your sport involve high-volume shoulder use? Are you an overhead athlete? These primers are designed to activate the 4 muscles of the rotator cuff to increase the strength and stability of the shoulder joint. Perform 1-2x/week before your workout to help keep your shoulders mobile and injury-free. Try a different Shoulder Health primer each time!

Squat Mobility

Are squats programmed in your workout for the day? Prep your body with one of these 8-movement routines, designed to help improve your squat technique by increasing your hip, knee, and ankle mobility. Perform 1-2x/week before a workout involving squats. Try each version for variety!

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