My athletes are not getting the invite email. What do I do?

Troubleshooting Suggestions

Have Invite emails been sent?

Go to the Manage tab in your coach account and confirm an invite email has been sent to the athlete(s). If an invite email has been sent to an athlete, the athlete’s Status will be a grey timer icon or a blue checkmark icon. If an invite email has not been sent, the status will be a yellow exclamation icon.

Are athlete email addresses spelled correctly?

Go to the Manage tab in your coach account and confirm the email address is spelled correctly. To edit the email address, select the “...” icon along the athlete’s row, select Edit Information, make the necessary changes, and select Save. Resend the invite email after the edit has been made.

Check email filters

Instruct athletes to check all of their email folders (including spam/junk) in case the invite email has been mistakenly filtered by their personal or organizational settings. Perhaps check with your organization’s IT department to ensure that emails from Volt Athletics are not being blocked at the organizational level.

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