How do I turn on Foundation block?

Turn Foundation (FDN) Block On/Off 

*This feature is currently only available on the original coaching platform

What is Foundation (FDN)?

The Foundation (FDN) block is designed to introduce athletes to Volt training and prepare them to train on a serious strength training program. Comprised of mostly bodyweight movements, FDN workouts are high in volume to help athletes develop motor coordination, movement technique, and work capacity.

Turning FDN On/Off

The Foundation (FDN) Block can be turned on or off for any program. Turning FDN on means that the program will include an FDN block of training before beginning more loaded workouts. The FDN block can be beneficial for all athletes, but may not be necessary for more experienced athletes with proficient movement patterns. But if you have some incoming athletes who have never strength trained before, you may want to turn FDN on for them.

To turn on FDN on or off, go to the Programs section, select the program you would like to edit, go to Calendar, then toggle FDN on (or off) and click Save Schedule at the bottom.

Foundation Block During Competitive Phase

We typically recommend that teams only train on an FDN block during their Preparatory Phase. But for teams who start Volt training very close to the start of their competitive season, FDN may be appropriate.

PRO TIP: Turning on FDN will only affect athletes on the program roster, not the entire team!

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