How do groups and programs link to one another?


In this article, you will learn how to easily navigate between Groups and Programs that you want to link or connect together. 

  • When building programs that you want to be used by specific groups, you will be able to connect them. 
  • When programs are linked to groups, they will appear on the group's Programs tab, and conversely, connected groups will be visible on the program's Groups tab.


How to Connect Groups to Programs 

Connecting Groups to Programs:

1. Go to the Programs tab

2. Select a program

3. Select the Groups sub-tab

4. Select the "Connect Group" button

5. Select the Group(s) you want to connect to this program 

6. Select "Done"

Now, you have connected other groups to a program!


How to Connect Programs to Groups

Connecting Programs to Groups:

1. Go to the Groups tab

2. Select a group

3. Select the Programs sub-tab

4. Select the "Connect Program" button

5. Select the Program(s) you want to connect to this group

6. Select "Done"

Now, you have connected other programs to this group!


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