What are Primers and Finishers?

A Primer is a targeted routine designed to be performed before your strength training session. Primers can have different specific goals, but the main goal is to provide an opportunity for more specific preparation. Primers are to be completed after your warm-up, but before your workout. 

A Finisher is also a targeted routine and the main goal is to provide an opportunity for more focused training adaptation—like a bonus at the end of your workout—to help you reach your athletic goals.

To access Primers and Finishers, follow these steps:

  1. Start on the home screen of your Volt training app
  2. Scroll down to the "Training Extras" section
  3. Open the menu for the training extra you want to complete
  4. Choose a specific category or use the search function 
  5. Select the start button to begin your Primer or Finisher in workout mode


All completed routines will be logged in your Activity Log section of the app.

Types of Primers


  • Hip Mobility Primer
  • Shoulder Mobility Primer
  • Total-Body Mobility Primer

Mobility routines can help athletes improve their flexibility and range of motion, which can allow them to move more efficiently and effectively during their workouts and during competition.

Improved mobility can lead to better movement patterns and biomechanics, which can translate into better athletic performance. By incorporating mobility routines into their workouts, athletes can help prevent injuries and maintain their overall health and well-being.

Incorporating mobility primers can help reduce the risk of injury. By stretching and moving their joints through a full range of motion, athletes can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote the healing process.


  • Fast-Twitch Activation Primer
  • Reactive Stability Primer

Athletes should do plyometric primers because they can help prepare the body for explosive movements and improve athletic performance. Plyometric primers are essentially warm-up exercises that involve explosive, jumping movements that engage the muscles and nervous system in a way that is similar to the demands of many athletic activities.

By improving neuromuscular coordination, enhancing power and explosiveness, reducing the risk of injury, and improving recovery, plyometric exercises can help athletes perform at their best and stay healthy and injury-free.


  • Core Activation Primer
  • Rotator Cuff Activation Primer

Athletes should incorporate prehab primers into their training routine because they can help reduce the risk of injuries and enhance athletic performance. Prehab primers are essentially exercises that target specific areas of the body that are prone to injury or stress in certain sports or activities. By doing these exercises regularly, athletes can improve their strength, flexibility, and mobility, which can help prevent injuries and improve their overall performance.

Types of Finishers

Cool Down

  • Breath Work Cooldown
  • Total Body Flexibility Cooldown

Athletes should incorporate cool down finishers into their training routine because they can help promote recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve flexibility and mobility. Cool down finishers are essentially exercises or stretches that are done at the end of a workout or training session, after the main work has been completed.

By promoting recovery, reducing the risk of injury, improving flexibility and mobility, and promoting mental relaxation, cool down finishers can help athletes maintain optimal performance and stay healthy and injury-free.

Mass Builder

  • Mass Builder- Arms
  • Mass Builder- Back and Lats
  • Mass Builder- Chest
  • Mass Builder- Legs
  • Mass Builder- Shoulders
  • Mass Builder- Traps

Mass Builder Finishers are designed to build lean muscle mass by targeting specific muscle groups with hypertrophy (muscle building) rep schemes. Do them after workouts that utilize the same muscle groups for best results.


  • Dumbbell Met Con- Lower Body
  • Dumbbell Met Con- Total Body
  • Dumbbell Met Con- Upper Body
  • Kettlebell Met Con- Lower Body
  • Kettlebell Met Con- Total Body

Metabolic Conditioning Finishers are short, high-intensity routines designed to improve overall cardiovascular and muscular endurance. MetCons can be a highly effective and beneficial form of exercise for those looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, improve metabolic efficiency, and challenge themselves in a time-efficient and engaging way.


  • Core Strength Finisher
  • Grip Strength Finisher
  • Pull-up Finisher
  • Push-Up Finisher

Focused strength development for specific muscle groups. Athletes should do these after their workout for additional volume as needed.

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