How to Log Workouts for Athletes

Logging Workouts for Athletes

You can start and complete workouts and activities as athletes in V3 using the View As mode. You are also able to complete Custom Activities for athletes in View As mode as well. When viewing a group program as an athlete, you can also make individual movement replacements that will not affect other athletes training on the program.

Group Programs

To log workouts for an athlete on a group program, go to the Program and click View As. From the user list, select the athlete you wish to view the program as. You will see a yellow banner at the top of the page indicating you’re viewing the program as the athlete, along with a Cancel button.


When viewing a program as an athlete, you can make individual movement replacements for the athlete. These movement replacements will only be reflected on this athlete’s workouts, not for all athletes on the program. You can also scroll back through the program weeks to see which workouts have been completed and on what dates.

Individual Programs

To log workouts for an athlete on an individual program, go to the Program and click “View As [Athlete Name].” You won’t see a user list to select an athlete, since there is only one athlete on an individual program. You’ll still see the yellow banner at the top of the page indicating you’re viewing the program as the athlete.

Logging a Workout

To complete a workout as the athlete, click the Start Workout button to launch the workout experience. You’ll see a set-by-set list view of their workout, complete with loading, reps, rest, and any movement replacements either you or the athlete have made. You can also make (or cancel) movement replacements from inside the workout. (For more information on movement replacements, check out our support article.) You can update the loading and reps, based on what the athlete performs, and click the checkmark button to log the set.


The workout contains static images of each movement. To view a video of the movement along with coaching cues and instructions, simply click the movement. You can also access this info by clicking the ellipsis […] menu to the right of a movement, then clicking Movement Info.

At the end of the workout, click Finish Workout to log the workout as complete. To pause and close the workout partway, click the X button on the top right or the Pause and Close button at the bottom of the workout, next to the Finish button. You’ll also see an option to Discard the workout at the bottom — this action will close the workout and erase any completed sets, so the workout will appear as though it had never been started.

Note: Using View As mode will show the workout as completed in your dashboard, however, any loading that is updated does not function the same as our Ai Cortex in the App. Loading will be recorded for that workout, but will not update the loading for the next set or next workout as there is no RPE rating given to adjust the loading. 

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